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Stock - Definition

an excuse etc that people often say or use, especially when they cannot think of anything more interesting or original – used to show disapproval.

(n.) The stem, or main body, of a tree or plant; the fixed, strong, firm part; the trunk.

(n.) The stem or branch in which a graft is inserted.

(n.) A block of wood; something fixed and solid; a pillar; a firm support; a post.

(n.) Hence, a person who is as dull and lifeless as a stock or post; one who has little sense.

(n.) The principal supporting part; the part in which others are inserted, or to which they are attached.

Pronunciation (phonetics):

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Stock - Word Type

✚ add

Stock - Example Sentence

  • Improving corporate performances are behind the stock market recovery.
  • The stock market is often called a dangerous one.
  • The stock market tumbled.
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